What are the main reasons for changing to liquid fertilisers ?

Chafer - liquid fertilisers
Chafer - liquid fertilisers

Increased efficiency

  • Increased application efficiency - Liquid fertiliser systems are capable of achieving extremely high work rates - maximum bout widths with fewer passes at increased ground speed together with rapid fertiliser handling and tank filling so less standing time.
  • More working days - Liquid fertilisers can mean more available working days because, compared to solid fertilisers, applications are less affected by weather conditions.
  • Reduced labour - The handling and application of liquid fertiliser is often a simple, one man operation.
  • Better use of capital - Changing to liquid fertilisers can have a considerable effect on the capital requirements of a farming enterprise with one machine replacing two, no need for handling equipment and reduced storage requirement

Unbeatable accuracy

  • Improved accuracy - Liquid fertiliser applied through your current farm sprayer can give you an immediate improvement in the accuracy of your nitrogen and NPKS applications
  • Uniform application - Yara’s liquid fertilizers are 100% water soluble, and hence are uniform, which means they give consistent flow rates and no recalibration is required when changing grades
  • No headland effect - Liquid fertiliser applied through stream jets fertilises to the edge of the crop and no further. Avoids losing yield by under fertilising crop margins.
  • Avoids wastage - Over-fertilising beyond the field boundary wastes up to 5% of total fertiliser applied to the field.
  • Protects field margins - Spraying up to the crop edge protects the environment and field margins under management schemes.

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