Agronomy Webinars

Catch up on the latest Agronomy Advice with this series of webinars presented by the Yara Agronomists, Mark Tucker, Natalie Wood and Philip Cosgrave.

These webinars were originally streamed live, but don't worry if you missed one as they are all recorded and are all available on-demand.

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Atfarm and N-Tester

Atfarm and N-Tester webinar

This webinar will run through how to add your fields, create VRA maps and also set up the N-Tester in Atfarm as well as the benefits when using these tools.
Grass, milk and robots

Grass, milk and robots webinar

Our grassland agronomy expert Philip Cosgrave joins Cormac Garvey from Lely for this webinar to discuss grazing systems for robotic milking, grassland management and grassland nutrition management Recorded 14-04-2021
How to improve your nitrogen use efficiency

How to improve your nitrogen use efficiency

Nitrogen use efficiency helps to understand the relationships between the total nitrogen input compared to the nitrogen output. Recorded 09-03-2021
Lime and fertiliser  - the perfect partners for healthy soil

Lime and fertiliser - the perfect partners for healthy soil

Two thirds of all grassland soil samples received by Yara Analytical Services have a soil pH which is too low to maximise the potential of productive grasslands Recorded 02-03-2021
Achieving Net Zero by 2040 - How the industry is helping growers

Achieving Net Zero by 2040 - How the industry is helping growers

A Yara technical webinar presented in association with CPM magazine. What will be the impact of increased regulation? Just how much N is lost from the field? What are the carbon credentials of the product you buy? Recorded 18-02-2021
Spring arable nutrition of wheat and other winter crops

Spring arable nutrition of wheat and other winter crops

When winter cereals begin spring growth keeping that momentum going should be the main focus of the spring nutrition strategy.  Recorded 02-02-2021
Healthy grass -Happy cow - Hearty yield

Healthy grass webinar - Healthy grass -Happy cow - Hearty yield

Minimising losses and increasing nutrient use efficiency is now more important than ever whilst also ensuring the best yields can be achieved. Recorded 12-01-2021
Autumn arable nutrition - your 3 steps to success

Autumn arable nutrition webinar

As thoughts turn to next seasons crops Natalie Wood is joined by Jon Telfer to talk about the planning for the successful establishment of autumn crops. Recorded 16-09-2020
Grassland webinar - Soil fertility - is it affecting your grass productivity

Grassland soil fertility webinar

There are many factors that influence strong grass production. In this webinar Philip Cosgrave is joined by Mark Plunkett of Teagasc to discuss the areas that you can directly manage on your farm in order to achieve high grass yields. Recorded 14-07-2020
Oilseed webinar - Successful oilseed establishment - what makes the difference

Oilseed establishment webinar

As thoughts turn to next season's oilseed crops Natalie Wood is joined by guest presenter Michael Farr to talk about what makes the difference for successful establishment of oilseed crops. Recorded 07-07-2020
Grassland fertilisation webinar - simple steps to success

Grassland fertilisation webinar

Follow online as Yara experts guide you through the simple steps you should be taking to ensure a successful grassland season. Recorded 20-05-2020
Nitrogen webinar - Why straight nitrogen isn’t always the best option

Nitrogen webinar

With new season nitrogen just around the corner, Mark Tucker joins Natalie Wood to take us through what we should consider when purchasing fertiliser for the year ahead. Recorded 07-05-2020
Top Potato webinar - can the right nutrition help suppress tuber disorders?

Potato nutrition webinar

With potato quality being so important it's vital to give the crop the best nutrition to help suppress tuber disorders. Join our webinar to hear how effective nutrition helps control disease in potatoes. Recorded 30-04-2020
Grassland webinar - grass silage nutrition

Grass silage nutrition webinar

Philip and Mark answer your questions on managing grass silage nutrition for the next couple of months. Recorded 24-03-2020
Spring crops webinar - nutrition advice for spring crops

Spring crop nutrition webinar

Mark and Natalie talk through the best advice on what to do over the next few weeks to help those spring crops still to be drilled. Recorded 18-03-2020.
Spring grass nutrition webinar

Spring grass nutrition webinar

Mark and Philip give advice on what to do over the next few weeks to help manage paddocks through early spring following recent trying conditions. Recorded 18-02-2020
Nitrogen webinar - early spring nutrition advice

Spring nitrogen advice webinar

Mark and Natalie discuss how best manage nitrogen applications to deal with the results of this very wet winter. Recorded 30-01-2020