Concrete Setting Accelerator

Our concrete setting accelerator NitCal has many benefits in a range of concrete pouring situations. You can use Yara’s concrete setting accelerator without any risk to the quality of your concrete.

  • It allows cold weather concreting, even in very severe weather. No need to stop activity at your construction site even if the winter is unusually cold.
  • It neutralizes the slowdown of setting due to use of plasticizers.
  • It optimizes your consumption of water and cement, when used in conjunction with a superplasticizer. NitCal utilizes hydration heat to prevent freezing, it does not shift the freezing point of water.

Keeps construction sites running in all temperatures

NitCal is a mixture of purified nitrate salts that Yara has specially developed to offer a range of advantages compared to other concrete accelerators that you can find on the market.

Construction site

Easy and Safe to handle

NitCal is safe to handle and cost efficient compared to alternative products. It is available in granules or liquid solutions. NitCal is not regulated by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) (re: Special Provision 208), making it easy to handle and ship.

Reliable deliveries directly to your site

Depending on your needs, this product can be shipped in bulk or in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container). The product can be delivered directly to your site. Because Yara operates a worldwide network of 200 terminals and warehouses in over 150 countries, we can deliver locally to you, so you can be sure your NitCal order will get to you when required.

Dosage Recommendations

Recommended dosage for Yara NitCal as a concrete setting accelerator. Your NitCal dosage will depend heavily on:

  • how much cement is used: it is recommended to carry out preliminary tests on your site, given NitCal’s anti-freeze features
  • what is the final use: dosage varies based on usage:
    • setting accelerator
    • corrosion inhibitor
    • antifreezing
    • compensate plasticizer retardation effect

Factors such as the type of cement used and the dosing method, among others, need to be taken into consideration. Contact your local NitCal expert for advice on these issues so that you get the optimal dosing rates. It is important that you dose properly to achieve the best results.

Please note that the “antifreeze” feature demands prior testing.

Corrosion inhibitor

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Hendra Gunawan
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