Soil analysis - to identify limiting factors

Soil analysis gives the background knowledge on the chemical, physical and biological status of a soil that we need in order to properly manage our soils and crops.

Why use soil analysis?

Acquiring and utilising accurate information such as soil analysis data is fundamental to many decisions made in the agricultural, horticultural, environmental and amenity sectors.

For plant and crop production, it enables planning a fertiliser programme that is accurate, timely and -- increasingly important -- environmentally responsible. 

In short, soil testing provides the critical information required to ensure all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible.

What to analyse? 

Most of the work, and cost, of analysis is in the sampling and transporting the sample to the laboratory. Once the sample has arrived there are a wide range of tests that can be conducted so it makes sense to get as much information as possible from the sample.

Nutrient analysis 

Soil analysis provides an inventory of the available nutrients and provides the background to build a nutrient management plan. Basic soil analysis in Malaysia includes N, P, K, Mg and pH, but this analysis only provides a part of the information needed as other nutrients can be limit crop growth. In order to get the most from a soil sample it is important to analyse for all nutrients using a full broad spectrum analysis.

Chemical and physical analysis 

The physical and chemical characteristics of the soil need to be considered before making any soil management decisions or planning a nutrient application strategy. Soil pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, organic matter and soil texture all have an impact on how we manage our soils and crops.

Interested in soil analysis?

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What analysis packages are available ?

Soil Analysis

This is our most popular soil analysis package as this gives the nutrient levels for all relevant plant nutrients and ensures no deficiency is missed and also includes CEC and pH. The report also interprets the results compared to benchmark levels and gives recomendations to avoid deficiencies.  The nutrients included in this analysis are:

N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S,  CEC, pH, C/N Ratio 

N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, CEC, pH, C/N Ratio + Mechanical Analysis