How to improve cocoa health

Cocoa is at high risk from the many pests and diseases which thrive in the hot, humid environment under an enclosed canopy.

Cocoa yields can be halved due to pests, disease and weed competition. A healthy cocoa crop has a high tolerance to diseases, and water or frost stress. It also promotes vigor and boosts cell strength. 

Diseases are the greatest threat - most common are black pod and witches’ broom. Swollen shoots and The Cocoa Pod Boarer (CPB), also known as Cocoa Moth are other common diseases in cocoa. 

Crop nutrition is also essential in improving cocoa health.

Crop Nutrition and Cocoa Health

By applying fertilizers, trees are naturally healthier, with a larger canopy (leaf area index) and are at reduced risk of black pod disease and other growth stresses, resulting in higher cocoa yields and better cocoa quality. 

Calcium and Boron – maximize strong plant growth of healthy tissues and minimizes cherelle wilt, pod drop and black pod disease. 

Good boron and potassium nutrition helps reduce VSD. 

A good supply of zinc and magnesium ensures that cocoa can cope with high levels of sunlight.