How to reduce sugarcane fibre content

One of the quality characteristics in the sugarcane crop is the fibre content. The lower the level of impurities and fibre, the higher the CCS (Commercial Cane Sugar) in the sugarcane.

Crop Nutrition and Sugarcan Fibre Content


An adequate potassium supply ensures a higher sugar yield, by reducing the sugarcane fibre content.

Very high levels of potassium can however, reduce sucrose levels. Trials show that foliar potassium applied to the plant 6-8 weeks prior to harvest, reduced cane fiber by 28%.


Sugar is also influenced by magnesium supply and sucrose content is reduced where magnesium nutrition is inadequate. It is important to balance the levels of potassium and magnesium, as high levels of potassium can restrict and compete with uptake of magnesium.